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Friday, March 11, 2011

Encyclopedia Britanica 2009 Full ISO 3.5GB mediafire links

The Easy All-in-One Research Companion for Students & Adults
Encyclopædia Britannica Library
For high school students, college students, and adults. Over 75,000 articles to keep you learning and growing.
Britannica Student Library
For ages 10-14. More than 15,800 articles that students can quickly and easily access for up-to-date, accurate, and trusted information.
Britannica Elementary Library
For ages 6-10. Over 2,600 easy-to-read articles designed to help elementary students thrive in school.
Excel in School with Multiple Learning Tools
New--Interactive Tutorials
Hundreds of study guides, exercises, and learning games designed to help students understand math, social studies, and science concepts. Suitable for all grade levels!
New--Geography & Foreign Language
Tour the world right from your computer. World Atlas takes you where you want to go, Britannica GeoAnalyzer gives you country statistics, and Merriam-Webster's Translation Dictionary helps you improve your Spanish.
More Multimedia & Online Tools
Thousands of engaging videos, photos, audio clips, magazine and Web links to keep students interested and motivated to learn.
Resources to Help Students Get & Stay Organized
Stay organized at all times! With Workspace you can take notes and save articles, images, and videos in one convenient location.

Virtual Notecards
Save notes from your articles on a virtual note card. Notes are printable to make your research easier and portable.

Bookmark & Save
Easily incorporate articles and media into reports.
7 Great Reasons Students Choose Britannica
* Easy-to-use: Find research articles quickly and easily with A-Z QuickSearch.
* Interactive: Study guides, exercises, photos, videos, and audio.
* Effective: Useful tips, activities, and tools to help students excel in school.
* Credible: Articles are written by Nobel Laureates, historians, and notable experts.
* Convenient: No downloading or Internet connections required.
* Safe: No pornography, pop-up ads, or questionable content.
* Up-to-date: Stay current with regular updates.


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Part 31
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