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Friday, March 4, 2011

Opera 10 Final (Turbo)

Opera 10.0 has reached the release candidate stage.

What this means is that Opera 10.0 should be considered to be in a stable state code-wise, and that only selected fixes will be added if necessary. Apart from those (if any), the RC should be considered ready for release testing for Opera 10.0.

Perhaps the most obvious change in this RC is the new application icon, designed by Oleg Melnychuk. The red O will continue to represent Opera, but it has received a major facelift. It is also available in bigger sizes that before for Windows and Mac, so that you can view it in all its glory on your desktop.

The document icon has also been updated.

Note to Mac and Windows users

This RC will no longer use the beta preferences on Mac, but will upgrade your old 9.64 preferences. Windows has been switched over to the non-beta installation path as well.

Help us find the world's slowest connection

Before you start testing the RC, we would like you to meet Odd & Even, two brothers from a family with good strong packing traditions. They have been hired to pack Web pages for Opera, and now they're on a mission to fix the world's slowest connection. If you know a place with a slow internet connection, let them know in the forums!



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