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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Autodesk Mudbox 2011 x64 MEDIAFIRE LINKS

Autodesk® Mudbox™ digital sculpting and texture painting software gives modelers and texture artists the freedom to create production-ready 3D digital artwork without worrying about the technical details. Designed by professional artists from the game, film, television, and design industries, Mudbox combines an intuitive user interface with a powerful creative toolset of stencils and brushes for ultra-realistic 3D character modeling, engaging environments, and stylized props. Available for the Mac® and Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.
  1. World-class 3D sculpting toolset—Fast, smooth, and accurate results
  2. Paint directly on 3D models—See results as you paint directly onto high-resolution models
  3. Paint multiple material channels—Powerful toolset for painting and viewing textures across multiple high-resolution maps
  4. Texture baking—Create accurate normal, displacement, and ambient occlusion maps
  5. Interactive display—Render quality results directly in the viewport
  6. 3D layers—Experiment with design concepts and easily make revisions
  7. Seamless integration—Exchange data with Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Autodesk® Maya®, Autodesk® Softimage®, and Adobe® Photoshop® software
  8. In-product community—Access a library of free design tools




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