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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reallusion CrazyTalk PRO 6.13 MEDIAFIRE LINKS

CrazyTalk is a revolutionary tool for creating sophisticated, zaney or dramatic talking characters for unique digital content. Simply import an image and CrazyTalk guides you through the process to bring it to life with wizard-like menus for beginners and in-depth power editors for pros. CrazyTalk6 PRO enhances actor creation, actor performance, and editing controls to deliver an elite set of facial animation tools to develop, direct and render videos for production or sharing online.
Reallusion CrazyTalk PRO 6.13 Features :
  1. Automatic Audio Lip-sync from Text and Voice
  2. Edit and Customize Expressions & Emotions for Your Actors
  3. Revolutionary Storytelling Engine with Actor Animation Control
  4. The Fastest Way to Generate Virtual Actors for any Media Project
  5. Multi-head setup is easy with fitting tools to identify up to 4 heads in any image.
  6. Individual editing tracks for each character.
  7. Transform and key-frame position.
  8. Enhanced camera system with zooming in/out enables you to flexibly arrange the scene.
  9. The larger, full-hair mesh provides accurate fitting to make animation natural and realistic.
  10. 3D Face Orientation setting enables precise fitting for slight head turns.
  11. Auto Face Fitting adds another level of accuracy to the auto-fit engine.



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