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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Plato Safe Password Manager 12.05.01 MEDIAFIRE LINKS

Plato Safe Password Manager 12.05.01 | 1.85 Mb

Safe Password Manager is a password storage program that will relieve you of the password management chore while offering you complete security and peace of mind. Your precious information is stored as encrypted data that only you can access.

As a PC user, you will understand the need to keep track of numerous passwords and names, especially if you are also an Internet user. One solution is to write them down or store them on your PC but this is risky. Anyone can read your lists and gain access to your valuable data or even worse, your bank account details.

Here are some examples of the sort of information that Safe Password Manager can manage and protect:
• Logins and passwords for websites.
• Access codes to e-mail accounts.
• Cellular phone PIN codes.
• Access codes to computer accounts.
• Passwords for programs (For example ICQ and Outlook).
• Passwords for files (For example Excel and Word files).
• Credit card numbers.
• Passwords for ISPs.
• And much more.


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Shankar.shankar T said...

These facts are really interesting. Few of them were well known for me but many of them were brand new for me too!
I will print this one out and show to my friends because they will be definitely interested in that. Thanks!
Free software

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