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Sunday, October 23, 2011


FIFA 10 is packed with more authentic gameplay features, including a more realistic system for mastering long distance shots. You can also now fight for balls in the air with heading, avoid sliding tackles and enjoy quick throw-ins, free kicks and corners. More intelligent teammates have better passing and crossing skills. And details like new lighting, untucked shirts and improved net animations all combine to make the game even more realistic.

Improved gameplay responsiveness and options
Various gameplay elements have been enhanced for a more responsive, fluid experience. These include an improved animation system for increased responsiveness, a new collision avoidance system, and overhauled, more intelligent goalkeepers. You’ll also find a new Authentic game speed, and a Legendary game difficulty setting.

Pre-match Scouting Reports
Learning to play professional football the correct way is even easier now with insights from your manager. Scout Reports provide pre-match advice to help you plan your attack against every opponent. Learn their Team Style, key players to watch out for and receive tactical advice.

Be A Pro: Club and Country
Take your player from the beginning of his career to the peak of international stardom in the new revamped Be A Pro mode. Grow your professional player at the club level and work your way into your national team in one of the most grueling challenges of any professional players career.

Share This Authentic Manager Mode
Realistic Manager Mode
An overhauled AI Engine ensures league tables are more realistic and considers the quality of the team to ensure more realistic league tables and cup competitions.

Season Mode
Similar to Manager Mode, but without some of the complexities such as player transfers and salaries, Season Mode provides a more accessible option of guiding your favourite team to glory. Take your club through the most in-depth Season Mode to date and compete in official league fixtures, cup and continental competitions. This mode allows you to focus on playing matches with the current crop of players available in your club, making it a lighter, faster way to take your team to the top.

Gameplay Innovations

360º Dribbling
Gives you more fluid and precise control over your players, enabling you to skilfully play spaces between defenders that were previously not possible.

Individual Team Styles
New Team Styles allows you to change your style of play based on your opposition. Exploit weaknesses in their game and build on your own team’s strengths. You can choose from 26 Team Styles including Wingplay, Target Man, and Offside Trap. Custom Team Styles offers 14 fully customisable options that bring a new depth to the FIFA 10 tactical experience. Set your team out to play the way you like.

Improved goalkeepers
Better goalkeeper intelligence helps keepers make more authentic decisions, with improved variation in shot stopping and deflections. They also have better reflexes with the ability to make that all important last ditch save. Quicker off the line in 1 on 1 situations, keepers now take up better positions and behave in line with their overall team styles.

Minimum System Requirements :

* CPU with 2,4 GHz (single-core)
* 512 MB RAM - XP / 1 GB - Vista
* 128 MB video card with 3D accellerator
* nice chances for pixel shader 2.0
* keybord/mouse
* 16 bits color not supported

***** ENJOY !!! *****




Anonymous said...

part 11 is not there where to download it

jeux gratuits said...

Tactiquement en revanche, les nouvelles idées ont du bon puisque le principe de dispositif perso qui ravit les joueurs PS3 et 360 a plus ou moins été porté sur PC. Plutôt moins que plus d'ailleurs puisqu'il ne s'agit que de tactiques à activer ou non. L'utilisateur choisit ainsi si son équipe contre-attaque, déborde à outrance, joue le hors-jeu, presse, s'appuie sur des latéraux offensifs, pratique un marquage en zone, etc. fifa 13 pc fifa 2012 pc fifa 12 pc fifa 2013 pc .fifa 11 pc .

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