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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Portable MEDIAFIRE LINKS

Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 has many advantages compared to other software or programming language, among the advantages of visual basic are as follows:

a. Learning curve and development that is shorter than that of other programming languages ​​like C / C + +, Delphi or PowerBuilder even though.

b. Eliminate the complexity of Windows API function calls, because many functions - these functions have been "embedded" into the visual basic syntax.

c. Suitable for developing applications / programs that are "Rapid Application Development).

d. It is used to create a program or business applications.

e. Used by nearly microsoft office as a macro language and will soon be followed by others.

f. Can create an ActiveX Control

g. Can use the OCX or component provided by third parties (Third Party) as the developer tools.

h. Provides a wizard that is very useful to shorten or simplify application development.

i. Approaching Object Oriented Programming.

j. Can be integrated with the Internet, be it on the client side and server side.

k. Can create an ActiveX Automation Server.

l. Integration with Microsoft Transaction Server.

m. Can run the server from the same machine or even from another machine or computer.

Although Visual Basic has many advantages but still has shortcomings or weaknesses. The weakness was due to limitations caused by visual basic in taking functions - functions that are low-level associated with hardware and windows operating system itself, lacking in visual basic, among others, are:

a. Runtime Distribution Files larger than C / C + +.

b. Have no function - a function to retrieve features - features of the operating system as much as C / C + +.



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