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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Driver Pack Solution 11 Final MEDIAFIRE LINKS

Driver Pack Solution 11 Final 

DriverPack 11 Final Solution - the latest version of the popular program to automatically install the drivers. This version contains several new features and optimized for all platforms (x86-x64), and significantly simplifies the process of reinstalling Windows on any computer. You will not be affected by problems finding and installing drivers, just a few clicks!

The program is used for:

• Computer users at home
• System Administrators
• Computer Wizard
• Center for computer repair services
• People who regularly faced with installing or reinstalling Windows

The advantage of using

• User friendly interface and intuitive
• Technology drivers classified intelligence
• Many installation methods (for the business for beginners)
• Multi-language: English, Russian, Ukraine, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Lithuania
• Check the availability of new versions of software (quick and free upgrades)

The function of the DriverPack 11

• Efficient and fast search for drivers
• Drivers installed on any computer just a few minutes
• Implement "downgrade" from Windows Vista to Windows XP (the manufacturer has not posted on the website of the drivers in Windows XP)
• Find and download the missing driver from the Internet, according to the parameters set by the driver
• To quickly update a driver installed for more recent versions
• Assist in creating and using database drivers

The main features:

- Works with any driver package (the file 7z, zip), for any operating system from Windows XP
- Works for both 32 and 64 bit
- The ability to group and optionally install the drivers
- Ability to handle the batch file ends Bashrat'a
- Set up information throughout the program (all the options by changing the settings). All settings are stored in an ini file
- Quickly create a database of drivers (the ability to create all the database with a button)
- Friendly and responsive interface
- See a list of computer equipment for local
- See oxidase drivers for the driver package
- Has the ability to run from the engine and additional interfaces
- Check for program update via Internet
- Ability to install silently
- Multi-language interface

Benefits of the program can usually be arranged by the group best suited to users

1. Accessibility.
 The program is free.
o Moreover, unlike the "free" or shareware that you can download it (on CD), without further action: Key input, codes, passwords . install the full version of the program to work correctly and does not require any additional action.

2. Install.
Simple, fast and safe.
The installation program will not affect other applications and systems in general. Selection mode (package) unit allows the user to work with different levels.

3. Using the.
 Save time searching and manually install (reinstall) the driver.
Use of confidence in the system to work properly with the new drivers.

4. Information.
Ability to automatically find and install drivers moiva of useful utilities.

5. The results.
Save time, effort, money and other resources.
 Computer system performance, in the process of installing new equipment no matter what happens, increase the productivity of the equipment has been installed.




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whats the rar passord

Muhammad Salman said...

your rar password is
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