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Monday, February 20, 2012

SoftMaker Office professional 2012 Multilanguage MEDIAFIRE LINKS

SoftMaker Office professional 2012

Are you looking for an office suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office, but also blazingly fast, reliable, and user-friendly?

Does inexpensive sound good to you? Then look no further: Check out SoftMaker Office, the capable office suite for Windows.

Compatible with Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, 2003, and more.
For an office suite to be useful, it must be compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – both with the older file formats DOC, XLS, and PPT and the new formats DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX that have been introduced with Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010.

SoftMaker Office 2012 passes this test with flying colors: it reads and writes not only the old Microsoft formats seamlessly, but does the same precise job with DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files, too.

You won't find any other office suite that renders Microsoft Office files as faithfully as SoftMaker Office 2012.

Fast, powerful, reliable.
SoftMaker Office is versatile: It lets you work on everyday office files quickly, but also helps you create long documents and easily design a flyer or brochure. Thanks to its vast repertoire of functions, it handles all office tasks, yet keeps the ease of use SoftMaker Office is renowned for. Even complex tasks get completed quickly.

Helps with foreign-language documents, too.
SoftMaker Office lets you create and edit documents in all the world's languages, even Hebrew and Arabic which are written from right to left. On-the-fly spellchecking is available in 20 languages, automatic hyphenation in more than 30.

An exclusive addition to SoftMaker Office Professional 2012 are its four Berlitz dictionaries that allow you to  look up translations from/to English/German, English/French, English/Spanish, and English/Italian.

E-mails, contacts, calendars: SoftMaker eM Client
A brand new feature in SoftMaker Office Professional 2012 is SoftMaker eM Client. It does what Microsoft Outlook does, but better: It manages your e-mail messages, contacts, tasks, and appointments – both locally and using standard Internet technologies.

Kiss good-bye to Microsoft Office: SoftMaker Office 2012 lets you text, calculate, and present better... and SoftMaker eM Client is the perfect replacement for Microsoft Outlook!

SoftMaker Office Professional 2012:
  1. Three licenses in the box
  2. TextMaker 2012
  3. PlanMaker 2012
  4. SoftMaker Presentations 2012
  5. BasicMaker 2012
  6. SoftMaker eM Client
  7. Four Berlitz dictionaries



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